About Us

Building Bridges MK is a volunteer run organisation that works with the British Red Cross in providing free Maths and English tuition for children of refugees who have been resettled in the Milton Keynes area.

All the children we deal with have English as a second, if not third language and most have missed several years of formal education since they have left their homes.  Undoubtedly these children are some of the lucky ones in that they have resettled in the UK but their challenges do not end there.  Access to education needs the child to understand what they are being taught and that the level of teaching is consistent with their education background.  Unfortunately many of these children find themselves behind peers in core subjects and have difficulty understanding and writing in English.  As a result, many find school challenging which in itself can lead to issues with integration within UK society

What we aim to do at Building Bridges MK is to supplement their education by providing them with free home based tutoring in core subjects like Maths and English on a weekly basis.